WordPress Plugin Crashing Website

At some point in time a WordPress plugin is going to cause your website to crash and stop you logging in to your WordPress administration dashboard.

What Causes the Crash

Often after updating WordPress to a new version is when this can happen. The plugins may not have been updated in a long time and now conflict with WordPress itself

How to Fix a Plugin Error

  1. Back up your website files and WordPress database
  2. Using a FTP client such as FileZilla rename each plugin folder located at www.yourwebsite.com/wp-content/plugins from plugin to plugin-old
  3. Refresh your website at each plugin deactivation to see if it fixes the problem.

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Chrome and Firefox Security Warning

Google and Mozilla are taking new steps to warn internet users about websites vulnerable to hacking. In the latest updates to the Chrome and Firefox web browsers, users will be told if they’re submitting sensitive information over insecure HTTP connections — rather than the safer HTTPS protocol.

As a website owner, if your customer is entering information like passwords make sure you purchase and install a SSL Certificate to protect their details.

website security warning

website security warning

How to optimise your website for voice search

Do you use Siri, Cortanta or Ok Google to do a voice search on your mobile? In the last 12 months performing a voice search on your mobile has increased drastically.

What do we ask in a voice search? Questions that start with Who, What, When, Where and How.website voice search optimisation

  • “How do I create a website”
  • “Where can I get website training”
  • “How do you get on page 1 of google”

An easy way to target these natural questions is with a website FAQ page – Frequently Asked Questions. It can address these more natural questions to match voice searches

Best WordPress Plugins

best wordpress pluginsA WordPress Plugin is a special add on that adds functionality to your website but how do you know which one’s to use and what they do? The wordpress plugins I use frequently are;

Effective Call to Action

call to action website buttons

Having an effective call to action is an essential part of any website. A call to action should clearly tell users what you want them to do. They should include active words such as:

  • Call
  • Buy
  • Register
  • Subscribe
  • Donate

All of these encourage users to take an action.

To create a sense of urgency and a need to act now, these words can be used alongside phrases such as:

  • Offer expires March 31st
  • For a short time only
  • Order now and receive a free gift

Get the position right

Ideally it should be placed high on the page and in the central column.

Use and Alternative Colour

Colour is an effective way of drawing attention to website elements. An extreme colour contrast leaves you in no doubt as to the next thing you should do.

How to Write Social Media Headlines

Your post headline will determine the number of people that click through to read and the number of people that share the post, many without reading it

Try using these words in your post headline. Notice that Amazing works better on Facebook and Successful works better on LinkedIn

For example;

  • Surprising Facts of…
  • Amazing Images of…

social media headlines

Promises, stories and secrets

Few of us can resist wanting to know the ending to a story, discovering a secret or what happened next. Use of phrases such as “Top Tips…” and “5 Ways…” and “How To…” will keep your readers hooked and wanting to find out more.

Bullets that sizzle, not fizzle

Bullet points on a web page are great for:

  • Splitting up long sentences
  • Highlighting features
  • getting attention quickly

Bullet points don’t have to be boring. In fact, they can actually be like mini-headlines, designed to grab your readers’ attention.

Look what happens when you lead with a benefit:

  • Your website won’t go down – We monitor your website 24 hours a day
  • Get more website visitors – Our copywriters will maximise your traffic
  • Be in control – You can update your website yourself

5 Minute Website Tip

Do you want a super fast tip that you can do today to improve your website?

Check your website page titles. Do a google search on your domain and check all the page titles that come back.

  • Are they unique ?
  • Are the keywords in your titles ?
  • Is it clickable – does it entice you to follow ?

Make some tweaks – even small changes can make a difference.