Keyword Research

website keyword researchIt all begins with an internet search. Keyword research is one of the most important activities you can do that will increase visitors to your website.

By researching your market’s keyword demand you can determine what group of words customers use when searching for your product or service. If you use this combination of phrases in your website content it will help search engines categorise and rank your website and therefore increase traffic.

Resource Tools below can be a great starting point when researching keywords.

Keyword research websites


What are my chances of success?

If big brands take the top 10 results and you’re just starting out as a competitor, you may have an uphill battle for a while so make sure you are realistic about your potential success.

Choosing a Domain Name

Short and Memorablewebsite domains

Make sure it is easy to spell, easy to type and easy to pronounce. Ask yourself “Does the domain pass the radio test?” After hearing it can I type it with out mistakes.

Multiple Domains
Protect your business name and brand. You can buy multiple domains with different extensions e.g. .com Make sure competitors don’t register your business name with a different extension

Don’t Expire
Don’t let your domain name expire. If your domain registrar auto renews take advantage of this

Having keywords in your domain name may increase your google rankings. For example, if you’re launching a mortgage related domain, you might start with words like “mortgage, finance, equity, interest, house” then play around until you can find a good match.

Reject Hyphens and Numbers
Both hyphens and numbers make it hard to give your domain name verbally and falls down on being easy to remember or type. They also correlate poorly with rankings in Google, with branding, and with traffic. I’d additionally suggest not using spelled-out or roman numerals in domains, as both can be confusing and mistaken for the other.

Website SEO Audit

Start Today – Make a huge impact on your website rankings

A website SEO content audit involves combing through all your web pages and checking for any errors such as missing Titles, alt text, thin content or broken links. This can be time consuming so use a tool such as “Screaming Frog’s SEO Spider” to spider your website and suggest improvements.

Below is a sample of the results found using the SEO Spider. You can analyse Page Titles, Meta Description, Keywords, Headings and Images and then modify your web page content for increased search engine rankings.

website seo audit